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Why Use GLF Wax?

As a small independent company we aim to provide you with the best possible lubricants. Our hot melt wax has been refined over many miles to ensure a blend which is perfectly suited to the harsh operating conditions bicycle chains are exposed to. 

We have created a blend of waxes specifically to reduce friction and drag, with additives to enhance the properties of the wax within the high-pressure areas of your chain. 

Our Tungstenite additive has an extremely low coefficient of friction and is designed to bond to the metal surfaces of the chain under pressure creating an extremely durable coating within the frictional surfaces of your chain.

Traditional oil and drip on lubricants remain wet on your chain, as well as increasing drag these lubricants retain contamination from the environment. This contamination can serve as a grinding paste internally in your chain, reducing efficiency and increasing component wear. 

GLF wax forms a hard coating on your chain blocking the build up of contaminants and greatly increasing the durability of your drivetrain.

Efficiency testing has proven hot melt wax lubricants to be the most efficient form of chain lubricant available. Typical savings of 3 watts at an output of 250 watts would be expected over a very well maintained oil lubricated chain, with this increasing significantly if contaminants are not thoroughly removed on a regular basis.

GLF wax remains one of the most environmentally friendly chain care products on the market, our wax is produced using materials that are non-toxic and contain no forever chemicals such as PTFE. We have also formulated our waxes to eliminate the need for solvent cleaning. 

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