Chain Preparation - New Chain

Applying wax is a simple low maintenance task however all oil and factory grease must be removed prior to waxing, we use an ultrasonic cleaner for this task but following the steps below will allow you to adequately prepare your chain at home. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

  1. Place your chain in a lunch box or soft drinks bottle and cover in mineral turps/white spirits, leave to soak for a minimum of 10 mins but preferably overnight.
  2. Agitate your chain in the solution aggressively to loosen up and remove oil, grease and contaminants in your chain
  3. Remove chain from the container, decant the used white spirits into a large bottle for recycling
  4. Repeat part one and two with fresh white spirits, you do not need to leave the chain to soak.
  5. Once again remove the chain from the solution and decant any contaminated solution for recycling, repeat this process until the solution is clear. This should only require two repeats on a new chain.
  6. Using a fresh container or bottle, cover your chain in methylated spirits, mineralised spirits or rubbing alcohol. Leave to soak for ten minutes then agitate, if your chain is sufficiently clean the solution should remain clear.
  7. Remove from the solution and hang to dry. We prefer to feed our chains onto a bent spoke or retainer and leave to dry on top of our slow cooker while wax is melting.

This is a one off process, once a chain has been prepared initially further waxing is simple. This process will need to be repeated however if oils or drip lubes not compatible with waxing are used.


Chain Waxing

Chain wax should only be melted in a slow cooker, heating wax on a hob or rice cooker can damage the wax or cause fires if left unattended and overheated. Our wax remains stable in the temperatures provided in most slow cookers, we recommend using low setting and leaving the lid off if leaving wax unsupervised. Care should be taken handling wax and chains, wearing gloves is not strictly necessary however aids handling chains which can be hot on removal.

Note: Avoid waxing your quick link/master link, this can cause difficulties when connecting your chain.

  1. Place your wax in slow cooker and turn to high, leave on low if wax is to be left unsupervised
  2. Feed your chain onto a bent spoke or a retainer
  3. Place your chain in the wax, your chain can be placed on the wax while it melts.
  4. Agitate your chain using your spoke or retainer, ensuring it remains submerged in the liquid wax.
  5. Leave your chain in the hot wax for at least 20 mins to ensure chain is heated. A cold chain causes wax to solidify, blocking the wax from penetrating links and rollers
  6. Agitate chain again when heated sufficiently then slowly remove from wax allowing any excess to drip back into the pot.
  7. Hang to dry on a hook, chain can be left on retainer/spoke or removed and left to hang freely. If you desire an extra clean looking chain we advise rubbing down the outer plates at this stage while your chain is still hot. Leaving wax on outer plates increases protection against corrosion in wet weather
  8. Refit chain and enjoy an efficient, clean, pro looking drivetrain.

Waxed chain use

A waxed chain is simple and easy to maintain.

  • We recommend reapplying hot melt wax after approx. 250 miles or slightly less in wet weather or used offroad.
  • When reapplying wax it is not essential to clean your chain, simply turn on your slow cooker containing GLF wax
  • Feed your chain onto a retainer/spoke and place in on your wax.
  • When your wax has fully melted and your chain has been submerged for a sufficient time to heat up, simply agitate your chain submerged in wax, remove, hang to dry and refit.
  • While cleaning is not strictly necessary, we recommend rinsing your chain in hot water prior to waxing, this ensures all contaminants are removed and your wax remains uncontaminated. This is particularly important with race chains where efficiency is a top priority.

Drip On Wax

In wet weather or multi day events, wax can be topped up using our drip on wax, simply drip on to each link of your chain and rub into rollers and plates using your fingertips, our drip on wax is fully compatible with immersive waxing and will not require a solvent clean. Drip on wax can also be used as a stand-alone product where access to a slow cooker is not available or you would prefer to avoid chain removal.