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KMC Reusable Missing Link 11s

KMC Reusable Missing Link 11s

11 Speed reusable chain link, no tools required to install link. 1 link included (two parts) 


1a.) Closing: Fit chain, bring the ends together and insert both halves of the MissingLink into the chain ends.
1a.) Press both halves of the MissingLink closing together and lock in place by using the MissingLink closing tool.
© In case the closing tool is not available; move the connector up by rotating the chain and lock in place by pulling the chain apart pedal pressure.
2a.) Opening: Use MissingLink opening tool, press both plates of the MissingLink connector together while opening
2b.) In case the opening tool is not available; press both plates of the MissingLink and slide the chain ends around the MissingLink towards
each other (unlock).Remove the two halves of the link from the chain ends.
Caution: Always use a new MissingLink when fitting a new chain. Failure to shorten the chain properly or to lock it exactly into place may cause damage to the chain and eventually total chain failure, material damage or
the rider to fall off his bicycle resulting in injury.
1. Always use a new chain when replacing a new group set.
2. Always use a KMC MissingLink for chain connecting. Do NOT use or reuse cut pins from the chain.
3. Always check MissingLink. KMC Suggests to replace a new MissingLink when it is worn or after locking and unlocking 3 times.
4. Failure to follow these instructions may result in breakage and cause injury.

Do not re-use chain pins after pin removal.
Reconnect chain using a new KMC Missinglink.

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